22.02.20 – Varsity

Warwick vs. Coventry
Indoor Varsity
22nd Feb 2020

Tensions were rising in Zone C as they began to set up for Warwick Women’s Cricket’s first ever varsity. Luck was on our side as we won the toss, but we needed more than just luck to win the match. As Cov came up to bat, you could smell the fear from the stands; they didn’t know what was coming. Hannah opened the bowling, and we didn’t give the oppo much of a chance to ease themselves in, taking two wickets in the first over. Wicket’s continued to fall steadily throughout Cov’s first innings and we knew that we would be able to surpass their total. Cov were all out for 71 from 9 overs.
Soph and Ralph opened the batting, and there was no hesitation to find the gaps and get those early runs in. We batted superbly with Ralph retiring early, and Lydia putting us well ahead with some huge sixes and a speedy retirement. Orla and Dobbins also withstood some impressive bowling from Cov, knocking the ball off the wall for some easy runs. Warwick ended their first innings on 123-2.
In the second innings, Cov needed to make an impressive comeback if they were going to be in for the chance of a Varsity win. Unfortunately for them, Sophia and Ralph didn’t give them the slightest opportunity to do so, bowling with discipline to take wicket after wicket, setting Cov on an overall total of 162.
This chase was light work for Warwick, with only 40 needed to win. With Soph and Ralph back in to bat, the runs were easily chalked off without the loss of a wicket, leading us to a massive varsity win.
It was a huge day for everyone: the players, the crowd and the club. We massively appreciate all the hard work that has been put in from everyone in the lead up to the big day, and the immense amount of support is just as important to us as the win itself. This day is going down in history.

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