Sophia Abbasi-President

Meet Sophia, our President!

Meet our wonderful President (and resident cricket grandma) Soph! 🌟
Sophia Abbasi, Early Modern History (Masters)
One of the original founders of the club and UWWCC’s founding president, Soph is in her 5th year of study (Although in her words, ‘who’s counting!?!?’) and her 4th year with UWWCC. She’s been here from the very start, since UWWCC was just a small dream of an idea in her brain, so if anyone knows this club like the back of her hand, it’s Soph! 😊

She’ll be doing a lot of the behind the scenes work for the club; from liaising with Warwick Sport, running exec meetings, creating club development plans, to supporting the rest of us exec with our roles so we can make UWWCC as great as possible! She’ll basically be overseeing the running of the club, and you’ll defo see her around at all UWWCC events (she’s a bit of a keen bean)!

In Soph’s words: ‘Ask me about anything at all. I’m here to answer any and all questions about UWWCC’.

She’s also got a fair few class cricket tips up her sleeve, so she’ll also always be on hand to offer some coaching and give advice about all things cricket!🏏

Make sure to drop her or the club a message if you have any questions at all about UWWCC – we’re always happy to answer any queries you may have! 😊

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