Hannah Arifi- Club Secretary

Meet Hannah, our Club Captain!

To brighten your Wednesday evening meet our amazing Club Secretary and the face behind the literary, comedic masterpieces that are the weekly UWWCC emails! πŸ’»

Hannah Arifi, 3rd year Psychology.

One of her many jobs this year will be kitting us all out with mountains of stash, so we can continue flexing wherever we go that we are members of the best club on campus (of course!πŸ˜‰) (and can continue to look like walking Akuma catalogues in the process 😁!)

A little bit from Hannah herself…
“Come to me about anything stash related or if you want to put any songs in the playlist for training”.

You can also ask her along with Tooba, for their pro karaoke tips (don’t just take our word for it, see the original instagram post to see some top class evidence πŸ˜†).
But please just don’t ask her for any sort of geography knowledge outside of London, it will just end badly! 😁
Make sure to check our instagram post to find out a little more about our resident Rihanna, DJ and comedian all rolled into one!

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