Hannah Colley- Publicity and Charities

Meet Hannah, our Publicity and Charities officer!

Meet our Publicity and Charities officer

Hannah Colley, 2nd year psychology.

When she’s not having a great time playing cricket or at a UWWCC social, she will be keeping you all up to date with everything going on within the club via our social medias, so be sure to check out all of our different platforms to make sure you never miss a thing!

“I’ll also be organising all things charity. So please ask me about all of our amazing charity events throughout the year; from our charity tournaments, Get Run Out event, charity socials, the epic CMD and so much more!

I’m always welcoming for any ideas for other charity initiatives/events to get involved in, so please feel free to drop me any suggestions throughout the year!”

Sh’es also known as our resident cricket baker, because you guessed it she loves baking! Which of course has its perks:)) Who can resist baked goods after training! Maybe not so good for pre-season fitness though!

She has many questionable dance moves, but she’s been using her lockdown time wisely and cracking out those Tiktok moves. It’s about time we knock UWMCC off their CMD perch!

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